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Computer Coding

Every December, Fremont students join 48+ million students in 180+ countries for the Hour Of Code, a program initiated in 2013 to introduce students to computer science and learn that anybody can learn coding basics.


Why coding?

  • Coding teaches foundational problem-solving, creativity, and teamwork skills.
  • Computer science (CS) is now essential to everything from art to business to government to entertainment. It is at the center of our lives--how we learn, teach, work, play, travel, and share. 
  • By the time today's middle schoolers go to college, there will be one million more CS jobs than computer scientists to fill them.
  • CS jobs are not just fast-growing, they are high-paying, earning the highest entry-level salary of any bachelor's degree.

Computer science is “the study of computers and algorithmic processes, including their principles, their hardware and software designs, their applications, and their impact on society” (Tucker et. al, 2003, p. 6).*

Although technology is readily accessible to students in today's world, little has been done to teach students how to use technology to build their own programs or create their own solutions to a need. Computer science enables students to move from being passive consumers of technology and become active creators. 

* This definition is taken from's website. Click here to link with referenced material. Class Links

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