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Discipline Philosophy

The legal authority for school discipline is designated by State Law to the Board of Trustees. These adopted standards of conduct, which must be met by all students, are a condition for attending John C. Fremont Elementary School. These regulations take into account the necessity of proper conduct on the part of all students to ensure a positive and orderly learning environment. The John C. Fremont Discipline Policy has been developed in cooperation with teachers, parents and other school staff. It is to be enforced by all school personnel. It stipulates sanctions for students who fail to observe the required standards. Penalties increase according to severity or frequency of the student's infractions, with suspension being the most serious sanction.


Discipline Policy

The primary purpose of a school is to ensure that children may develop to their full potential academically, socially and physically. This development can best take place in an environment that protects students' rights, including on the way to and from school. Student responsibility is required to provide the orderly framework within which individual goals can be realized. Thus, it follows that students are not permitted to disrupt the educational process or interfere with the rights of others. Students may not behave in a manner which threatens the safety of others. Students are also expected to respect school property, as well as private property.

Student conduct is expected to conform to District and school rules and regulations. Violations of such rules and regulations will result in teacher and administrative action including but not limited to the following:

  • Counseling/warning the student
  • A behavioral essay written by the student
  • Playground restriction (Blue Slip/Green Slip)
  • After-school detention 
  • Parent-student conference
  • In-school suspension from class
  • Alternative to suspension (Saturday School)
  • Home suspension
  • Program change or transfer to another school