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  • Back-to-School Night it is very important presentation from your child’s teacher to all classroom parents. At this parent-only meeting, teachers will often have classroom rules, policies, schedules, etc., for the parents. The upcoming year, expectations, communication, homework and more also will be discussed. Some teachers, in an effort to get to know their students, will have a questionnaire that invites parents to share any pertinent information about their child. There will be forms for parents to sign up to help with parties and classroom volunteer opportunities.

    This meeting is intended to give general information to all parents and is not intended to discuss your child’s specific needs. If you need to discuss your child specifically, parent/teacher conferences will be scheduled at the end of the first trimester, or you can email your teacher and request a meeting.

  • Each spring, Fremont sponsors a Red Cross Blood Drive in the auditorium in our effort to give back to our community and provide a good example for our children. Volunteers are needed to organize the event, watch children while parents are giving blood, greet donors and provide cookies and juice during the event.

  • Fremont sponsors the Scholastic Book Fair once in the fall during the week of the Sixth-Grade Pancake Breakfast and once in the spring. In addition to being a fund-raiser for the school and helping us keep our library well stocked, each Book Fair gives students easy access to a wide assortment of books, inspires kids to read more, and encourages family involvement.

    Teachers bring their classes to the Book Fair during an allotted time and allow them to buy or simply browse books. Parents are given notice of their classroom Book Fair time and can attend with their child during that time or visit after school. Parents will sometimes send money to school with their children on their Book Fair visit day, but there is no pressure to buy.

  • Throughout the school year, PAC partners with local restaurateurs to raise money for Fremont. PAC coordinates an event date and agrees to market the event through various means. In turn, the restaurant agrees to donate a certain percentage (usually 15% or more) of the receipts received from Fremont on that date.

  • Fremont’s social events are produced in an effort to increase the sense of community among Fremont families. Family Bingo Night, sponsored by PTA, is an opportunity to spend some time as a family while having a great time with your Fremont friends.

  • We're back and with the help of the 6th graders this year, we are combining our efforts for Fiesta and Bootique to bring you the Spring Fling!  There will be booths w/ lots of games, delicious food and our beloved silent auction is back as well.  Fiesta and Bootique have always been a great way for students and family members to get onto campus and witness what makes our school so great.  Looking forward to seeing everyone at Fremont!

    Thank you all for making this year's event a success.  Even with the rain, our student body and community came out in bold numbers.  Special thanks to the 6th graders for their amazing booths, PAC for putting together an awesome auction, and the 5th grade parents who represented by providing top notch food and service for our hungry patrons.  Final shout out to the school staff such as our Principal Atikian, school secretary Marina, and our custodial staff for being so helpful and accommodating to us during our event.  We are extremely lucky to have such great employees at our school.

    Special thanks to our auction donors:  All the room parents and parents who donated and put together their class baskets, our teachers for providing some heartfelt experiences, and our local and corporate business donors for some fun items and experiences as well.  With less than 2 months to plan, we managed to raise over $10,000.00.  That is no joke and all that money from the auction goes back to help fund programs otherwise not available to our school and teachers.

    And don't forget, click here to support our donors!  Thanks!

  • Like the Mother-Son Bowling, this fun event is self-funded and encourages family bonding while developing a strong sense of community for Fremont.

  • The entire school (and each class) is divided into two teams (White and Green) that compete against each other in a variety of games during this May event.
    The day starts with Opening Ceremonies (just like the Olympics!) then classes rotate to various stations around the field. Stations are created for both fun and education and are meant to be inclusive of all types of athletic abilities. Stations might include beach ball volleyball, pass the hula hoop, goal kicking and a Healthy Eating Workshop. Teams score points during games and are also awarded additional points for sportsmanship.
    The emphasis of Field Day is to have fun, encourage good sportsmanship, promote healthy lifestyles, and teach how to handle both victory and defeat with grace, style and dignity.
    Volunteers are assigned to a particular station for a two-hour shift to keep score, run the games and award sportsmanship points.

  • Fremont is proud to participate in the Glendale PTA Food Drives in the fall and spring. Too many families in our school district are not regularly able to provide a nutritious and ample supply of food for their family members.
    Your donation of canned and dried food items will be greatly appreciated and will make a real difference in the lives of many people:

    • Grades K–3 are asked to bring dried food items such as flour, corn meal, rice, sugar, beans, hominy, pasta, Jell-O, tea, baking mixes, powdered milk, soup mixes and cereal.
    • Grades 4–6 are asked to bring canned food items such as fruits, vegetables, soups, stews, chili, canned meats, tomato, enchilada or pasta sauce, beans and coffee.
  • In February, we honor the founders of the National PTA as well as past and present Fremont leaders during the annual Founders Day Event. Every Fremont family and staff member is given an invitation to attend this fun evening. Child care is provided.

    Parents enjoy dessert and a specially decorated auditorium while watching entertaining skits and presentations celebrating those who are receiving the Honorary Service Awards. These special awards are given at each Founders Day Event to honor a small group of parents, teachers, staff members or community members for their outstanding efforts on behalf of children at Fremont. Nomination forms are distributed in December/January and winners are decided by a small panel headed by the PTA’s 1st VP of Assemblies.

  • This is a fun, day-long event for fourth-graders that simulates western life during the Gold Rush of early California. Students are encouraged to attend dressed in period clothing (costumes not required). A professional living-history presentation, activities, crafts and food of the era augment the students’ study of this time in American history.

  • PAC and PTA work together to host a welcome dinner for the families of Fremont’s kindergartners shortly after school begins each year. It’s an opportunity for our new Fremont families to meet their child’s new friends, fellow kindergarten families and some of Fremont’s key PAC and PTA volunteers. PAC funds the meal so it is completely free for kindergarten families.

  • Incoming Kindergarten students and their parents receive a special welcome from the Principal and representatives of the PTA and PAC. They then go meet their teacher and see their classrooms. The Kindergarten teachers give the parents and students instructions on where to go and what to do on the first day of school. The PTA provides special snacks for the Kindergarten students and greets the families when they arrive.

  • A movie appropriate for kids is shown in the school auditorium. Parents and children are invited to attend. PAC sells tickets to the event as well as food (popcorn, hot dogs and some treats). Children can come to see the movie in their pajamas, bring a blanket, and watch the movie while lying on the floor. This is a fun family experience.

  • We want families who are new to Fremont to feel welcome and informed. This evening event gives parents a chance to hear about logistics, programs and volunteer opportunities at Fremont. New families are given a tour of the campus by our Welcome Committee and receive a New Parent Packet with lots of helpful materials. The informational part of the meeting includes presentations from the Principal, the PTA President, the PAC President and a representative from our Bully Prevention Coordinating Committee.
    Parents have the opportunity to ask questions, purchase Spirit Wear and sign up to help with programs and events.
    New Kindergarten parents are encouraged to attend both the Kindergarten Orientation and the New Parent Orientation as they each give different information.

  • In 2009, PAC began hosting a grown-up night out for parents, giving them a chance to socialize off campus while supporting the school through a Live Auction with high-value items.

  • The California State PTA coordinates the Red Ribbon Week Celebration (usually in October) in cooperation with Californians for Drug Free Youth, Inc., (CADFY) and the California Red Ribbon Coalition, to offer our youth the opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to healthy, drug-free lifestyles.
    Fremont participates by hanging Red Ribbons around the school, distributing Red Ribbon Week wristbands, and sponsoring an assembly to discuss the importance of keeping your body healthy and avoiding things like drugs that can damage it. Discussions on the topic are kept age-appropriate.

  • Our PTA historians put together a slide show set to music to show all the wonderful events at Fremont throughout the year. Students see the show during the day, and families are invited to a special evening show complete with popcorn and soda.

  • For the first round, teachers in grades 4-6 conduct their own bee in their room to determine a student who will represent the class. The second round consists of the winners of each class competing to determine the student who will represent Fremont at the GUSD Spelling Bee, usually in February. From there, the winner of the GUSD Bee along with winners from other school districts in California advance to the next level, and ultimately, to the nationals.

  • This special week in April or May of each year is dedicated to showing the teachers and staff here at Fremont just how grateful we are for their time and dedication to our children. Each day the staff is treated to something special, such as a luncheon, continental breakfast or delicious snacks.
    On Flower Day, students bring a flower from their home garden or purchase a flower in front of the school to present to their favorite teacher and/or staff member. Room Parents arrange these flowers in vases for the teachers.
    On Note Day, students are asked to bring in a note of thanks for their teacher. Not only is this great practice in social writing skills, but it helps the students put into practice the kind of thoughtfulness emphasized in Fremont’s Character & Ethics Program.
    The grand finale of the week is Spa Day, when the Teacher’s Lounge is transformed into a spa-like setting, complete with a fountain, herbal tea and peaceful music. The teachers and staff sign up for short massage appointments (donated by local therapists) or hand paraffin wax treatment (from parent volunteers).

  • Our parent volunteers host a couple of luncheons during the year to thank our Fremont staff for their countless hours of hard work and dedication. The first is the Welcome Back Staff lunch, held the week before school starts when staff members are working hard to prepare for the first day of school. The second luncheon is held during Staff Appreciation Week.

  • The talent show is held in the spring to showcase all of the talented students we have at Fremont.

    A dedicated group of teachers form the Talent Show Committee and coordinate our annual talent show. Students audition first for their own teacher, then may be selected for the second round of auditions to be performed before the Talent Show Committee. The final talent show participants are selected to ensure a variety of talents are showcased each year, including singing, dancing, acting, playing an instrument and more!

    There are performances during the day for the students, and an evening performance sponsored by the PTA for families to attend.

  • Sixth-grade students are given the opportunity to forever be a part of Fremont’s history and raise money at the same time in this Tile Painting event. Students and parents come to the auditorium to create their personal design on a tile, which is then fired and mounted on a wall on the Fremont campus. Your personalized tile will be there to see when your grandchildren attend Fremont!

  • The annual Walk-a-Thon is one of Fremont’s biggest fundraisers, while promoting health and exercise at the same time. Students are asked to get sponsors for the event, which requires students to walk around the upper field of Fremont for 30 minutes. Students and parents walk to upbeat music and are treated to popsicles at the end.

  • International Walk-to-School Week gives children, parents, school teachers and community leaders the opportunity to be a part of a global event as they celebrate the many benefits of walking. Walk to school with your child, enjoy some fresh air, meet some friends along the way and promote healthy activity. Students are encouraged to walk (or ride a bike, if in grades 4-6) to school during this week in October.
    Walkers will have their Walk-to-School card punched each day.  Those sudents who have a full card by the end of the week will get a prize.
    Families who live outside of a safe walking distance are encouraged to drive to Broadview Drive and walk from there.

  • Usually held on the second Friday of the school year, this fun event is a great way to start off the school year. Bring your own picnic supper or enjoy the Food Trucks we’ve brought in just for the event (we get a portion of the proceeds). Spread your blanket among other Fremont families for an evening of reconnecting with old friends and meeting new ones. Volunteers help sell “Fremont Bucks” which are used as cash for the Food Trucks.

  • Yogurt Tuesday is one of Fremont PTA’s more popular fundraisers. The PTA (in conjunction with Yum Yum Yogurt) sells yogurt cups to the students every Tuesday after school during the fall and spring seasons.

  • Fremont Elementary has 4 main Flag Ceremonies throughout the year. 

    Patriot Day - Both Boy (Cub) and Girl Scouts from 5th Grade come together to lead the school in the Flag Ceremony.

    PTA Founders Day - Even Years - 5th Grade Cub Scouts and Odd Years - 5th Grade Girl Scouts perform the Ceremony for the adults in attendance.

    Field Day - Students from our Special Education Classes lead the school in the Flag Ceremony.

    6th Grade Promotion - Even Years - 5th Grade Girl Scouts and Odd Years - 5th Grade Cub Scouts perform the Ceremony for everyone in attendance.