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PTA Fundraising

Although the Fremont PTA is primarily a service organization, we do need to raise approximately $40,000 per year to keep our programs going. This sounds like a lot, but it really breaks down to only about $60 per student per year. Some families generously exceed this amount annually and we say: thank you! Don’t stop! For other families who may find financial donations more difficult, please keep in mind that every little bit counts. Together with PAC (our Parent Foundation) our goal is 100% financial participation from families. So whether you can give $5 or $500, your contribution makes a difference!


The PTA has the following fundraisers during the school year: 


Book Fair

In addition to being a fundraiser for the school and helping us keep our library well stocked, the Book Fair gives students easy access to a wide assortment of books, inspires kids to read more, and encourages family involvement. Teachers bring their classes to the Book Fair during an allotted time and allow them to buy or simply browse books. Parents are given notice of their classroom Book Fair time and can attend with their child during that time or visit after school. Parents will sometimes send money to school with their children on their Book Fair visit day, but there is no pressure to buy. 


See's Candies Sales

Early in the new year, the PTA partners with the candy supply company ahead of the spring holidays. Students are sent home with order forms and catalogues of chocolates and other candy items to sell to family and friends.



Get your official Fremont T-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, jackets, vest and more! 



The annual Walk-a-Thon is one of Fremont’s biggest fundraisers. Money raised contributes to more than 25% of the PTA budget, while promoting health and exercise at the same time. Students are asked to get sponsors for the event, which requires students to walk around the upper field of Fremont for 30 minutes. Students and parents walk to upbeat music and are treated to popsicles at the end.



Although primarily thought of as a service to the school, the sales of our yearbook do bring in some money to the PTA.


Yogurt Tuesdays

Yogurt Tuesday is one of Fremont PTA’s more popular fundraisers. The PTA (in conjunction with Yum Yum Yogurt) sells yogurt cups to the students every Tuesday after school during the fall and spring seasons.