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Honorary Service Awards

California State PTA Honorary Service Awards

Every year members of the Fremont community are encouraged to make nominations for the California State PTA Honorary Service Awards. These awards recognize Fremont teachers, staff, parents and community members who have gone above and beyond to provide outstanding service to the children at Fremont. The awards are presented at a wonderful evening event: Our Fremont Founders Day Gala in February.

Who do you know that deserves this kind of recognition? You do not need to be a member of PTA to make a nomination, and you can nominate as many people as you wish (please use a separate form for each person). Making a nomination does not require that you be the presenter of the award at the Founders Day Gala. PTA is always eager to honor special people for their service, so please take the time to nominate someone who has made a difference in the lives of our children!

Download the nomination form here. Put the name of the person you are nominating, the reason and your name (if you want) on the form and return it to the Fremont office or child’s classroom. If you have any questions or to nominate by email, please contact Diana Keeney.


Past Fremont Elementary Honorees



Vicki Atikian (OAA)
Christina Martin (CSA)
Robin Miketta (OTA)
Yvette Caudillo (HSA)
Ginger Adams (HSA)



Jane O'Neill
Monica Wollenweber
Diane Jones
Pamela Kelly
Margaret Frey
Tamar Kousherian



Sherri Aiken
Donna DeLaParra
Jenny Fickas
Diana Keeney
Jessica Morgan
Nancy Soltero



Faith Abboud
Jenna Harkins
Shawn Migliaccio
Sarah Morgan-Arnold
Kim Pano
Tara Patton
Leslie Schilling
Randa Shammaa
Jacqueline Stenson



Armena Andranian
Laura Englund-Krusee
Vivian Erdmier
Eve Fletcher
Jane Kane
Linda Winfield (Continuing Service Award)



Terry Chacon
Pat Gieselman
Selva Pravikoff
Lorna Simon
Chris Veeh
Jennifer Zimmer



Paige Clarke
Evan Gore
Mallory Kane
Jessica Magallanes
Tracy Leventhal
Theresa Osment
Diana Safarian



Kristy Corlett
Demery Matthews
Zac Matthews
Shannon Pondella
Janie Roach (Golden Oak Award)
Betsy Wilbur
Bobbi Wooldridge



Colleen Anglin
Rebecca Delfino
Joanne LeMay-Loo
Christina Martin
Sarit Saig


Lalo Baceres
Michelle Capozzoli
Melissa O’Gara
Jim Schmit
Jenny Stern



Angie Dawson
Paige Farmer
Holly Hall
Lisa Ruf
Karen Van Bremen



Brenna Bash
Edward Bash
Amy Harley
Dan Kilgore
Chris Ryder
Kelley Ryder
Christin Molano



Anne Beachey-Kemp
Renee Brandt
Frances DeRoche
Claudia Phinney
Cyanne Wing



Maria Bonino-Britsch
Sherri Downer
Jamie Hammer
Kimberly Hotti
Pamela Hunt
Debbie Munsey
Jeanni Rosellen
Elizabeth Schetina
Todd Thornbury



Rebecca D’Cooks
Margie Fester
Connie Kaplan
Janie Roach
Katherine Wallace
Leslie Wallace



Gary Gibson
Virginia Timpson
Sandy Wolf
Rachel Yoon



Lori Garscia
Pat Gieselman
Mariza Khatchetourian
Debbie Nilsen
Theresa Osment
Laura Thornbury