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Striders! Running Club

Striders! Running Club

Striders! is a non-competitive run/walk club for Fremont students. It is an extension of the “I Care” campaign and is facilitated by volunteer parents and friends of the community. 

Striders! meets every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at morning recess. Students gather on the upper field and run/walk on the track for the duration of recess.

Each child receives a punch card that has 15 boxes, and each time they participle they get their card punched once for that day.

There are three levels: white, green and gold. Once they complete their first card they receive a wrist band of the same color and move on to the next color card. At the end of the year there is a Striders! party for all who have participated.

Striders! is important to Fremont because it allows all children to get involved regardless of their personal strengths and limitations. It allows kids to run and walk to release energy so when they return to class they can focus on the lessons planned for them that day. It also allows those who don’t always have something or someone to hang out with at recess to be a part of a club and make new friends!

Striders! is a running club that every kid can be a part of and enjoy living a healthy life!

Time to meet new friends. Striders! has new kids every day!

Regular physical activity helps kids sleep better.

Improves kids’ immune systems and overall health.

Demonstrates better grades in school.

Endorphins (a chemical in the brain that makes us feel happy).

Running helps maintain a healthy weight.

Strive to reach each level of Striders! and enjoy our end-of-the-year party!