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Volunteering at Fremont

Volunteers contribute greatly to Fremont's excellent reputation and parent participation is one of the things that makes our school so special. Studies show that students are more successful in school when parents volunteer - and our children are the beneficiaries of dedicated Fremont parents. Be a part of our success! Play a part in your child's school experience and make a difference for all children at Fremont.

We understand that parents' schedules and interests can vary broadly. The good news is that there is a great vatiety of opportunities that fit with everyone’s schedule and span a lot of interests. Click on the descriptive links to the left to learn more about each opportunity. 

For more detailed information on these events and organizations, please see those sections on the website. To sign up to help, please email the person listed as the contact on our PTA Directory or PAC Directory, or contact our Volunteer Coordinator.

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Fremont’s Art Docent Program brings specially designed art lessons to each classroom several times a year. Administered and taught by trained parent volunteers and funded by the PTA, each lesson covers either a specific artist, artistic movement or technique and includes a short lecture followed by a hands-on project. Children work with different media ranging from watercolors and charcoal to clay and glazes and beyond. (Yes, Fremont even operates its own on-site kiln!)
    As funding for the teaching of art in our schools dwindles every year, the Art Docent Program is one way the parents of Fremont have found to “Keep Art Alive” for our children.
    The Program celebrates each year of creativity with a fabulous end-of-the-year Art Show in which one work of art from each child in the school is displayed. Formal art training or teaching experience is NOT necessary to volunteer for the program. Each lesson is scripted as a suggested question-and-answer approach, to follow as closely or as generally as the volunteer desires. All materials are provided.
    The Art Docent Program co-chairs hold an orientation at the beginning of the year and are on hand to help when needed. This is a great way to get involved in your child’s classroom. Lessons last about an hour and a half, and are taught five times a year (three times in Kinder and first grade), typically by a team of two parent volunteers together. 

  • Also known as the B&G Club, this program was conceived by the Bully Prevention Coordinating Committee (BPCC) to offer students a non-athletic option of play during recess. The availability to students is dependent upon the volunteer efforts of parents. Board Games, unstructured reading and informal art are offered.

    The B&G Club is offered to all students grades 1-6. Sixth-graders may earn community service hours when assisting a parent volunteer.

  • Our librarian needs helpers during the week to re-shelve books and assist with other small tasks. Help is usually needed for one hour, twice per week. 

  • Fremont’s Music Docent Program helps students understand and appreciate various styles of music as well as music history.
    During the year students receive four to six Music Docent sessions where they learn about instruments in an orchestra, composers, famous musicians, folk music, jazz, opera, symphonies and other great compositions. Each 45-minute lesson is geared for a specific grade level to increase the knowledge of music as the children advance in education.
    Future goals for the program include students learning the basics of music: rhythms and basic sight reading skills in addition to being able to try instruments brought into the classroom.
    Formal music training or teaching experience is NOT necessary to volunteer for the Music Docent Program. Each lesson is scripted and the corresponding materials, music and visuals are provided. The Music Docent Chairs hold an orientation at the beginning of the year. Some classrooms have one Music Docent who does all of the lessons; some have two or more parents who share the responsibility.


    Music Docent Resources

    • Music Docent Program Outline & Instructions
    • Music Docent Cart Instructions
    • Music Docent Curriculum Plan
    • Music Docent Curriculum Matrix
  • Room Parents have a very important role in helping the teachers and creating a great experience for our kids. This rewarding volunteer position allows you to interact regularly with your child’s teacher and have a greater knowledge and participation in the class activities.

    Duties will vary by teacher, but may include:

    • Creating a monthly volunteer schedule
    • Scheduling parent helpers for classroom centers
    • Scheduling parent helpers for field trips, parties, copying, prep work, classroom beautification, drive-thru lane and other school-related events
    • Coordinating class parties (usually a winter party and end-of-year party)
    • Coordinating classroom booth volunteers and silent auction basket for the Fiesta at the end of the year
    • Coordinating teacher’s gifts
    • Keeping parents informed of school activities
    • Submitting photos of class for the yearbook

    If you are interested in becoming a Room Parent, please contact the Volunteer Coordinator before the start of the school year.

    A list of interested parents is distributed to the teachers who then look for a match with their class list and select their Room Parent(s). Room Parent assignments are typically communicated the first week of school.